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Global Warming: My Furnace in a Tropical Country

Large drops of sweat surfaces on my forehead, waiting for a public utility jeepney (Philippines’ mode of transportation) for my 9 o’clock class. But the blistering sun penetrated like it was in its 12 o’clock prime.
Yup, another typical college day as I curse up all factories and cars which emits these things that doesn’t alleviate the cause of global warming and that freakin’ greenhouse effect. As I can remember grade school, this is the effect that traps heat on Earth. Hot! 

Tropical country as I’m in, my dream of a white Christmas now has just melted its way to obscurity now that temperatures rising so bad. But the good news is, thermal and solar energy now has become a common renewable source. It’s way cheaper than fossil fuels. Economy talks!

Recently, my family and I have been going to SM Supermarket. They had been promoting these green bags made of cloth to pack groceries. Saves up a lot of plastic bags but the catch is, it is not free. You still have to purchase a certain amount…

10 Reasons why I love Sims 2

Just imagine a game where you can make a 3D character who looks like you or your fave celeb and being able to control its life? When your life becomes chaotic, this game is a sweet retreat from reality. The lives of your characters are at your mercy to the point you decide who takes a bath and who don’t. Sims 2 is a sequel of the best-selling game of all time, Sims.

Visit their official game site.

From this

To this

Why I love it?

My Bored College Life

Happy New Year. It means another year to waste.

When I graduated high school, I was prepared about the hassles of college life. All those guys bringing in big bunch of books who sits with you in a public transit with those tired expressions from the night's studying battles. I was prepared for that or at least, my alma mater did a good job preparing me so.

But my parents were so reluctant of me going to the college of my choice--- University of San Carlos to take up a computer course, Information Technology. Well, my fourth year computer teacher exposed us to HTML, Java programming so dynamically that it enticed me to this in-demand course most geeks are taking.

After heated discussions with my dad that universities are a good environment for learning and that training they give is way too cool to the computer school he has been planning to throw my ass in. But my other motive is because most of my friends are gonna have a heck of fun in there. My mom was on my side. Days passed o…

Why “Lost”? The top five ''Lost'' theories

Since the advent of X-Files on the TV, the fan base inspired around 15 million viewers worldwide to become conspiracy hunting and code-cracking sleuths in search of the Big Answer. I spent my whole Christmas vacation watching the 3 seasons. Though interrupted by the writer’s strike the Season 3 had only ended until the 8th episode though the DVD I saw contained only up to the 6th one.
They're currently playing the summertime Internet game The Lost Experience, which producers say reveals even more secrets about the Hanso Foundation.
If you’re a great Lost fan, you might be wondrin’ what the hell are they all doing in the island for months, discovering secrets among themselves and the island with several scientific hatches and guarded by a mutilating black smoke and a weird colony of people living before they crashed. Not only could you view the theories posted by viewers in’s Lost website, I have searched for five of the best theories for the show, how it will end and how it …

Kenya church razed, 50 died

January 3’s World Section in our local paper raised that headline. I don’t read the full story not unless it’s about the awakening of a six-month woman in coma. Joke.

But actually, the news article was about a church burned in Africa, home to the earliest known fossils. The question wasn’t how, but rather why on Earth would they burn down a place of worship. Could people get any worse?

Shattered by an angry mob after an election went wrong, the church reported actually housed people who sought refuge from the post elections violence. The election happened on a Sunday, December 30. The burning took place on Tuesday, January 1. While we were flooded with grace from New Year feastings, many have died and a country drowned in fear. This would be Kenya’s darkest times and awareness is the best thing I could do right now.

They were there Witnesses of the fire had seen at least fifty ethnic people burned to death by anti-government group. They didn’t like the newly-elected president that the…

No junk food jingles and stuff on British TV

“We need urgent action to help people, especially children, avoid the less healthy, less happy and ultimately, shorter life that obesity leads to.”

Thus says Prime Minister Gordon Brown. To note, their country has this junk food advertisement ban which takes effect before 10 pm. And by junk food I mean, the sumptuous chips that’s coated with high amounts of salt and preservatives or that oh-so-refreshing sodas with skyrocketing sugar content. Yup, that stuff that we consider bad when we think of it, but is really good when were already eating it.

Here in the Philippines, such a ban would be so hard to implement as food ranks as one of the most aired commercials next to hair products. But look at Britons, “in 25 years of current trends are not halted,” half of them are going to be obese, Sun.Star Cebu claims.

It makes me wonder what enormous health would bring. I mean London is a luxurious country and people seem to have hard time getting unemployed. That means they have all the resour…

Excavating High School Life

Who would’ve thought that a mundane boy’s school would turn out to be one of Cebu’s finest co-ed institutions boasting of its 35 years of experience and countless graduates who’ve owed their success to the school?

The first time I had set foot here was like getting lost into a battlefield when you’re just in search of a park. I didn’t know what kinds of people lurk in it and I don’t even have an idea who St. Louis was. Nevertheless, it didn’t took me long to adapt into the viable ecosystem that the school provides, where there is the survival of the fittest.

Yet among all the schools I’ve attended to, this school actually practices proper establishment of relationship inside the room and out because I’ve never realized how close you could become with your mentors when there is so much room of expression around. With cutting-edge instruction and, ahem, competitive faculty members, you wouldn’t wonder why there’s so much banners to be put up, postings around, and up-close interviews scr…