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The Pains of Letting Go | 5 Best Stories That Will Change Your Life

Summers give me time to do catch-up reading and I just recently flipped through an old book of mine titled “Necessary Losses” by Judith Viorst which talks about the loves, illusions and impossible expectations that all of us have to give up in order to grow.

I have to quote some of the best anecdotes from the book that hopefully can change your life. While you're at it, get that box of Kleenex and brace yourself for some cryapalooza!

Note: the photos are just representation purposes only.

photo by EMS_EMT
1Was there ever a time in your life, someone broke a promise of coming back? This man was so broken he got stuck in the past and never played forward. Patrick, 3 years and 2 months, who was sent to England’s Hampstead Nursery during the World War II, assured himself and anybody who cared to listen with the greatest show of confidence that his mother would come for him, that she would put on his overcoat and would take him home with her again…“She will put on my overcoat and my leggin…

AWESOME SHORT 3min FILM: The Black Hole

A very interesting short film about the very thin difference of opportunity and greed.

Short Stories that deserve attention

A great story has the qualities that we describe nature: powerful, coherent, and imaginative. It is such a great honor for me to share to you the greatest fictional short stories I have read over the internet. The following masterpieces either made me laugh or moistened my eyeballs. It is surprising to note that all these writer should be credited for all their worth.1) The Brass Tea Pot   |   TIM MACYStarts with light visuals of a financially challenged couple who came across a tea pot that gives out money every time they hurt each other. 2) Death by Scrabble  |  CHARLIE FISHA funny ironic tale of how a simple game of scrabble could be this deadly.3) Journal Entries of a Deaf Child  |  ANIL_TAJIRMoving accounts of a mother whose son is going to lose his hearing forever.4.a) Ethical Dilemma of a Sandwich Down the Pants  | KELLY SHRIVERA shoplifter takes a sandwich on display inside his pants and gets caught, and the store owner returns it, and customers in line are witnesses.4.b) Bein…

Pinoy director snags Cannes top awards for “Kinatay”

photo by kiapkiapI have expressed in the past about my being skeptical that Pinoy mainstream movies doesn’t reach my taste so often despite them making it to international spotlight like, well, Cannes. But with Brillante Mendoza, new name in the Philippine film making industry, making waves when he recently accepted the Best Director for the indie film “Kinatay,” it dawned upon me that a small country as ours could actually serenade critics all over the world. The movie is about Peping who is recruited by his classmate, Abyong, to work as a part-time errand boy for a local syndicate in Manila. Most of the money he earns, he ends up spending on his girlfriend Cecille. When Peping decides he is going to marry her, he knows he will need even more money. So, when Abyong contacts Peping to join a "special project" that pays more than normal, he finds the offer intriguing. [1]In his acceptance speech, Mendoza says:Thank you all for embracing my kind of cinemaSukhdev Sandhu of Tele…

Best Visual Design Sites Friday


New Toyota Prius Site Rocks

The best way to market a kick ass ride? Build a kick ass micro site! That’s the philosophy which Toyota has used to introduce their newest cash bringer, Toyota Prius 10. Isn’t she a beauty?There’s a vehicle tour where you could actually pan around the car, cool demos and videos among of which includes their TV spot, a beautiful commercial titled “Harmony” and demo on Eco Power Mode and the Intelligent Parking Assistance. Experience Prius.

Desperate Dinner [VIDEO]

Last night, a fresh US episode of Desperate Housewives titled “Rose’s Turn” kept me laughing all the way through with a dinner party scene. Anyway, I was able to scour Youtube and found that scene.
To better understand it, what happened in that episode?Tom has been working out and wants to have sex with Lynette but she is not into it. She lied to Tom by saying that she just took a shower in Carlos's office which makes Tom jealous. Later, Carlos arrives to pick Lynette up for a meeting that was moved up but she is in the shower and she slips and is knocked unconscious. Carlos saves her and she is horrified that he saw her naked so she wants him to keep it a secret because Tom would freak out if he knew. Meanwhile, Gaby has joined a garden club thinking they would sit around gossiping and drinking margaritas while looking at the flowers but did not realize they would be doing actual gardening. Gaby and a couple others including Patti stages a coup. She gets Tom to join the garden clu…

Following the San Andreas Star

Jaysee Blabs is proud to present another exclusive feature and this time we met up with GTA San Andreas Lead Character CJ as we followed him for a whole day of cars, chit chat and cold blood murder. Our photographers have survived but have lost a limb or two in the making of this post.Jaysee: Great to see you here, CJ.
CJ: Anytime as long as you got the benjamins, know what I’m saying?
Jaysee: Ahhh… sure… Anyway, let’s talk cars.
CJ: I got me a lot of cars. Lots of modders out there.Jaysee: You wanna put that [hand gun] away?
CJ: Certainly not. Cops gonna bust me out. Neighborhood’s destroyed by gang and drugs.
Jaysee: I understand. Anyway, you are forced to deal with the major dramatic events of the plot, including his brother Sweet's arrest and incarceration, the betrayal of his childhood friends Big Smoke and Ryder. What does that make of you?
CJ: A hero. A sad hero.Jaysee: Did you just ran over a man in cold blood?
CJ: Shit happens all the time.Jaysee: And driving…