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Hobcon Imperia Cebu: Celebrate. Cosplay. Comics.

An empire will rise in Cebu and it shall be named “Imperia.” This is the theme of this years biggest gathering of hobbyists from all over Visayas, The Hobcon 2010. Prepare to witness the grandeur and the pageantry of Cosplay, Photography, Comic Arts, Hobbies, Blogging and Charity Work. What to expect from the event? Photo exhibit, load of fun people, cosplay and fashion show competition, awesome comic collection and priceless hobby booths and raffle prizes for lucky guests!Admission is free!This event is a week long celebration from October 3-10. October 3 - 9 Imperia Exhibit
The ACTIVE ZONE, Ayala Center Cebu
October 10 - Cosplay Competition and Young Designers Fashion Competition
The ACTIVITY CENTER, Ayala Center Cebu
For the Cosplay Competition guidelines.For the Interschool fashion guidelines.

1st Cebu Comic Convention (C3) converges the brightest Pinoy comic book artists

Read the C3 pre-event post.Sykes proudly presents the first Cebu Comic Convention (C3) yesterday. The C3 gathered top comic book artists all the way from Manila and Cebu working at leading comic book publishers here and abroad. The event in Ayala Center Cebu was a sure blast last September 25, 2010. It was a great opportunity for comic book enthusiasts and hobbyists to meet creators and get up close with the mainstream and independent comic book publishers and artists. Aside from giving away priceless sketches made by the artists on site, Converse and Sykes were also giving away prizes all throughout the day. Cosplayers also made the event a lot more fun as they don their eye-grabbing costumes and make-up; something that will never fail to entertain even the most boring person out there. The best Cosplayers of the Event were V from Vendetta, Mushroom and the only Pinoy character, Panday.[Cosplay pictures can be found in my Life-Snaps photo blog]There are booths from Design Studios lik…

Oktoberfest tonight at the Parkmall!

Dubbed as the biggest Oktoberfest event in history, San Miguel Oktoberfest 2010 in Cebu will happen tonight at the Parkmall Cebu. The biggest bands will converge on one venue. The brightest 3D light and sound show is sure to take your breath away; this is a first for Cebu. Overflowing beer accompanied by solo acts, dance and singing shows and jam with great rocking bands, tonight’s gonna be a good night. Drag your gang and party the night away!What: San Miguel Oktoberfest 2010Where: Parkmall Mandaue Cebu
When: TONIGHT September 24, 2010

Cebu celebrates its 1st Comics Convention

To those who don’t know yet, I have an eye for every form of art and most definitely appreciates comics way back when. I could really remember how I used to save to buy my Archie comics as a child and now that I’ve grown up I could read manga online for free. Something about these graphic novels that brings a different kind of joy to each kid inside of us. And to add, who on earth doesn’t love anime anyway? So it gives me so much pleasure to introduce you to Cebu’s Comic Convention. The first Cebu Comic Convention will be held at the Ayala Center Cebu’s Activity Area. Not only will it showcase great artistic comic talents but as well as cosplays, workshops, toys, sketches and artworks. Admission is open to the public and programme starts at 10:00 am. Mark your calendars: What: First Cebu Comic Convention
When: September 25, 2010 Saturday 10am
Where: Ayala Center Cebu Activity Area
Admission is free!

Travel. Learn. Share.

Something about man’s inborn curiosity that drives us to explore unchartered territories. Travel is something most of us love and what better way to do this than be equipped with the right gears and knowledge to make the most out of it.Discover a new and more efficient way of traveling. Learn from experts and hear their stories.Eagle Creek invites you to join Travel.Learn.Share.It is a program full of learning and sharing of travel experiences.Join the Packing Challenge and get a chance to win exciting Eagle Creek items!Eagle Creek is an international brand offering travel gear, luggage, travel accessories and packing aids and solutions for any adventure or travel around the world.Date: September 25, 2010 - SATURDAY
Venue: Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu
Time: 5-6pm
Thanks te Ceewai for the photos!

Birthday Card for my dad

Nothing is a little too late when giving gifts and I made a simple present for my dad for his 50th birthday last August.see more digital works at:

Life in Sequence

There are some moments in life where one shot could never be enough.“a true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”
- Bernard Meltzer“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”
- Eva Burrows “life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson More amazing photos at my photo blog at http://life-snaps.blogspot.comor

How to be a great leader? 16 Rules we should always remember!

photo by alternative018Ask yourself: How do you make the organization successful?
“It all starts with you.” – Mr. Kenneth CabingueEverything rises and falls on leadership – John Maxwell List the traits from your most admired successful people and follow them. What makes them successful? They changed the world. Their vision inspired millions. “ACTION leads to RESULTS” – Mr. Kenneth CabingueMan walked on the moon and it all started when his mother once said: “If anybody can’t do it, you can do it, Neil.” “INTENTION + OPPORTUNITY = RESULTS” – Mr. Kenneth CabingueAsk yourself: How do I show my leadership in public? What is my relevance of existence to the public?All the projects you organize must be SMART: Specific – How do you picture the activity to be like? Measurable – How many will attend? What goals have you set? Attainable – Is it realistic? Relevant – Why do this? Time-bounded – When is it happening?Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Always improve y…

Cebu Leadership Training Seminar improves inter school union and amazing values formation

Gathering the 270 top school leaders of high school and colleges in Cebu City, The Supreme Student Government Leadership Training Seminar was a success. Yours truly was there to represent AMA Computer College Cebu (AMA) as the Student Body Organization (SBO) Vice President. I attended with AMA SBO President Craig Ford Samson II and AMA SBO Acting Secretary and Treasurer Rebecca Rallos.
photo by Ate Salve VegaLast September 18, 2010 at the Cebu Business Hotel, a seminar taught Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries of the student organizations in their respective schools, three amazing things every leader should know: “It’s About Me”
A Self-Awareness Course on Success
The National Training Director of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Phils. was the speaker for the first two parts the whole-day seminar. He is Mr. Kenneth Cabingue. “Your First Meeting is Critical”
A Guide on Project Management
Mr. Cabingue discusses task delegation and time management for our organizations. “Good…

A real-life love story that could make you say ‘time is gold’

Just a few hours ago, I was drawn into another world by my supervisor, Ate Suzie. Moments before I logged off from work, she was sharing a story via Skype that literally made me laugh my ass off in the office. What started as a funny inquiry about her Skype status message, turned to her whirlwind love story that is sure to inspire most of us.

She was telling me a funny story about why she “won’t give up her Flojo’s.” Then I asked her if she really is married because she referred her bf as bana. She affirmed so I commented, “Game Over na diay?” referring to the famous T-shirts floating around. She laughed adding that men can only look at her now.

“So how did he propose?” She was kinda hesitant but knowing her she not only answered that but told the whole story.

It all started when they met December 2009. Then he proposed February the next year and got married at August. Shocking? You have no idea how I reacted.

“Unsay dugayan? (What’s there to wait)” she joked.

“Naliki ko te. (I’…

Ogie Alcasid LIVE! at The Terraces, Ayala Cebu

Be entertained by the country’s top musician artist as he proudly presents his new album release for 2010, "Ngayon at Kailanman : A Tribute to George Canseco".Ogie Alcasid will be performing live at the Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu on September 25, 2010 7PM. George Canseco was a composer songwriter who had started writing songs when he was 20 and had written about 300 songs, some of these movie themes and ballads that are now considered OPM classics. An icon in the Philippine Music Industry.What better way to honor a Pinoy gem who received five Lifetime Achievement honors than through a tribute album sung by one of the most successful celebrities in the country today. The album includes the late master songwriter's classics "Ikaw", "Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo", "Kaibigan", "Paano Kita Malilimutan", "Ngayon at Kailanman", the carrier single "Yakap" and many more.FOLLOW OGIE ALCASID:FACEBOOK FANPAGETWITTEROFFICIAL WEB…

“я люблю питание” I love Food! Phil-Russia Media Lunch Munchies!

“я люблю питание” If your browser could display the characters, the quote is supposed to mean, “I love food!” in Russian.A great way to celebrate partnerships could be through enjoying a great banquet together. Yours truly was part of the lunch buffet served at the Philippine Russian Trade Expo Media Launch a few weeks back. The said trade expo will showcase the very best export products from our country as well as those in our partner country, Russia. Not only was I able to see their national costume worn by the host but as well as had a personal experience on a Russian custom is partaking in bread before entering the venue as a sign of hospitality. Kudos to the organizers and Waterfront Hotel Cebu for the successful event; something both world-class countries deserve. What was notable about the luncheon was the fact that it showcased the best of both worlds when in comes to gourmet dishes. For example, our very own chicken adobo and lechon kawali was served. Fresh lumpia with pe…

A book sale that could change lives in Cebu

Imagine owning a book donated by writers, editors, musicians, painters, media practitioners, teachers, the academe, politicians and other prominent personalities in Cebu. These people are asked to donate books from their personal collections. The books are then put on sale for the public. This fund-raising project is called “Their Books.” “Their Books” is a mission organized by a non-profit organization called the Tsinelas Association Inc. which had aided thousands of poor students in Cebu for quite some time now. Already on its third year, “Their Books” has not only raised funds for Tsinelas’ projects but as well as promoted literacy and making quality and valuable books accessible to the public. This is also in line with the Cebu Press Freedom Week Celebration. Book lovers and aspiring book worms unite! Mark your calendars: What: “Their Books”
When: Sept. 24, 25, 26, 2010
Where: Ayala Center Cebu

Desserts so good, you’ll die

Up until now, I could not get over the nirvana from the desserts served at the launching of Citta di Mare a few weeks ago. They are the best when it comes to giving me that amazing burst of flavors and at the same time the plating makes you think twice about taking a dish or two, as it has the most intricate presentation of them all; something that is overlooked by some. It looked simple, it was unitary, everything edible and yet when you look at it as a whole, a work of art. Their desserts vary from dark chocolate cake slices with vanilla shavings and mocha toppings…Flower shaped fruit slices on top of a crust…Dessert gelatins like the Pandan and passion fruit in the middle of the glass… Multi-layered chocolate trifles… To light airy sweet chocolatey Mousse with a kiwi slice on top and if I’m not mistaken the sphere shaped object was a mango… Yours truly is such food fanatic that I don’t just try to munch it all in but I try to study it as well. From a long line of chow loving an…