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Amazing Cebu launches Foodhunt with Kate

Cebu is beginning to be a world class city; and an awesome way to celebrate that, is producing not just shows, but channels that offers the best of THE island. Amazing Cebu does that quite well.

Amazing Cebu has just launched a sports and lifestyle show named Amazing Sports. This time, they are launching a show, where you not only get to see "recipes deconstructed, familiar old and new traditions," but at the same time revel in exotic places in Cebu. Amazing Cebu Channel 54 launches Foodhunt with Kate!

It is being hosted by Ms. Kate Dychangco-Anzani where she deconstructs Cebuano recipes and adds her own touch to make them upscale and snazzy, at the same time, immersing in beautiful places worth visiting around Cebu. She is a mother, a restaurateur and a powerful businesswoman; a mutli-faceted TV personality who best portrays the modern empowered Cebuana.

It was launched in Radisson Blu last November 26, 2011 right after the Visayas Blogging Summit ended. As of this writing, …

#todayiwill win an X2 from Globe | Globe Cebu Media Christmas Party

Think November 14 is too early to celebrate Christmas? I don't mind.

One of the nation's telecommunication giants, flew all the way to Cebu to celebrate an early Christmas party with Cebu's 100+ media practitioners including online media publishers like yours truly, Jaysee Blabs. Full course buffet, live music and a booth where you write on post-its what your #todayiwill statement is. This is in connection with their recent ad campaign. See the official #todayiwill TVC below:

For my statement I wrote down:

#todayiwill LIVE MY LIFE. MY WAY.
And little did I know that it will be my ticket to owning a new Nokia X2 as it was chosen by Globe execs as the best one. Thank you Globe! :)

Anyway, for the rest of the party at Harold's Hotel Cebu, we had a really fun trivia night where the host asked us different questions; and we are to answer them by table as a group; and too bad we really had a low score as the topics were very jurassic. hahaha... as in like Dats Entertainment an…

Win $100 or 1 year of hosting thru your blog

A Pinay Blogger is having a birthday thanksgiving contest for all bloggers. Gagay is giving away 10 Shirts and a total of $360 PayPal cash:

1 winner – $100
2 winners – $50 each
4 winners – $25 each
4 winners – $15 each

She is also giving away (5) 1-year Domain Hosting!

This contest also celebrates her page rank score and promo runs until December 10, 2011. Pinoy innovation, Bid for Gadgets Online

Yours truly was honored to meet the owners of, an Emerging Penny Auction Site. They flew all the way from Manila to meet top online publishers who'd like to test drive this amazing pinoy innovation.

When I learned that they were going to launch an auction site of this name, I was like "What?" Then it occurred to me that it actually meant a lot of things not just the prison. It actually stands for Bili "to buy" and Bid because, as users, you can bid for a specific item using bid points. Just like the usual bidding process, whoever bids the highest price for the item, wins the auction.

Fully Booked Cebu Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary with the Book Grab

Calling all bookworms and bibliophiles! Celebrating their Cebu branch’s 3rd anniversary, Fully Booked is providing lucky Cebuanos the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab as many books as they can—for free!

The Fully Booked Book Grab is an exciting event where contestants rush to take as many books as they can under a time limit. When the timer stops, contestants get to take home the books they’ve checked out, along with prizes from co-sponsors.

The audience won’t be left out either, as fun games will be held during the event. Lucky audience members will also get the chance to join the Book Grab.

To join, simply complete the entry form found at and drop it off at the Fully Booked Cebu branch before closing time on December 2, 2011. Fully Booked will draw five (5) lucky entries at the Fully Booked Cebu store and notify the chosen winners via registered mail, email or phone call.

Top Cebu athletes to host Amazing Sports TV Show

The sports tourism of Cebu is gonna get better as Amazing Cebu channel will launch Amazing Sports. The young dynamic hosts who are top athletes themselves will feature their adventures and sporting events in the island. 

Places to see and activities to do, the show will focus more on sports and leisure and the exhilarating stuff that comes with it as everyone deserves to know.

A press launch was held at Kartzone Mabolo last November 8, 2011 where Cebu sports writers and online publishers were invited to meet the hosts, staff and crew of Amazing Sports for a day of food and karting.

My Cutest Random Life Photography

Sometimes there are mundane objects in our life that we tend to ignore, but life is in its most glorious state because of these awesome details. 
It just amazes me up to this day on how God has designed our lives weaving together different people, making events happen and things that complement the course as we breathe by the day. 
Appreciate the simple things.
Love without regret.
Count your blessings.
Dare to live.

Smile because it's going to be a beautiful day. Not perfect. But still beautiful.

More photos below!

Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence: Youth Takes Nation Building To The Next Level

Who is ALEx?ALEx is a youth group, composed of graduates of the youth programs of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), who want to further enhance their Competence and strengthen their Character in light of the 9 Pillars, and who are committed to contribute to youth and community development.ALEx VisionALEx envisions a pool of proactive youth leaders initiating efforts and advocating change towards nation building by empowering, educating and engaging young people as contributors and advocates for social development.
ALEx MissionALEx commits itself as an agent of change by initiating and/or supporting programs, projects and other endeavors on social development, and by serving as the youth’s voice on their views, interests, and sentiments regarding relevant issues on youth and community development.

RAFI’s YMA Nation-Building Scholars Offer Solutions, Promote Advocacy Against Poverty

Instead of going to malls or playing online games, a group of teens and young adults chose to spend their weekends in the community to help poor Cebuanos. They also used Facebook and other social media networks, went to schools to campaign and raised funds to promote the causes of local groups working on poverty alleviation.

These are scholars of the Young Minds Academy (YMA), a leadership and citizenship development program of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI).

Iluvfarmers Final Report2
Here is our iluvfarmers Accomplishment Report Presentation Slide

The scholars presented their community-based projects in the Best of Young Minds Conference last Oct. 28 at Casino Español, Cebu City.

An awards and graduation ceremony followed the conference to culminate the eight-month YMA program.

One Juan Project: Empowering Youth Programs Thru Crowdfunding

There is a gap between knowing what needs to be done and how much we are willing to do something about it. How can we shape our future if we:
Lack of access to fundingLimited access to benchmarks (Best and Next Practices) Matching between Requirements (from NGOs..etc.) and Capability (Of project proponents, start-ups, and the like)Knowledge of Institution's (funding agencies, NGO,..etc.) existenceONE JUANis just that, a portal, a communications channel, a marketing (advertising) space, a repository of projects for possible replications and a potential community gathering for knowledge & experience sharing.


Cebu City, Philippines.  The quest to earn the title of “World’s Largest Chess Tournament” is underway as Cebu City Sports Commission spearheads the most ambitious chess program in Philippine chess history – the Cebu City Open Chess Tournament.

The Cebu City Government, Cebu City Sports Commission, Philippine Sports Commission and the Department of Education Region VII are coordinating their resources to hold the largest chess (board game) tournament from October to December 2011 with participants from city schools and from other groups and individuals converging in the Grand Finals in one venue - at the Cebu City Sports Center, Philippines. 

Generous sponsors such as Julie’s Bakeshop, Bioderm, International Pharmaceuticals Inc., Rose Pharmacy, Virginia Foods Inc. and the University of Cebu have thrown their support to make this noble program successful.

This massive program involves a targeted 30,000 chess players, the main bulk of which are elementary and secondary students, with w…

Championing Real Heroes Online

The highest incidence of poverty occurs in the rural areas and we believe that the very people who are feeding us, the farmers who work tirelessly to provide us with food, don't have to remain poor. 

We, Team CPMPC of Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5, has been tasked to do a wide range of Social Marketing efforts for a poverty alleviation program of the Municipality of Consolacion. We are campaigning to support Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan, a project which aims to train farmers about modern fruit and vegetable production. 

Basically, farmer beneficiaries from all over go the farm demo site to be trained through the education capabilities of Harbest Agribusiness Inc. The Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan project currently receives mobilization funding from SM Foundation Inc. for the project operating costs which includes training and transportation allowance.

We aimed for great social impact and awareness by tapping on the social media applications that most people are using today. Our elaborate S…