Shell launches V-Power Nitro+ with Dance Supremacy 2012

Dance Supremacy is the first national competitive hip-hop dance event presented by Shell V-Power Nitro+ that will showcase the power and performance of collegiate dance groups. This event is comprised of a series of elimination legs all over the Philippines. 

The top crews from Metro Manila, Northern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will vie for the championship title and Php 350,000 worth of cash and prizes. Grand Finals will be held at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium on October 2012.

The Dance Supremacy Visayas Elimination Leg last August 4, 2012 at the Ayala Center Cebu declared West Crew of West Visayas University and Jean Baptiste Dance Company of University of Saint La Salle Bacolod as finalists for the Grand Showdown in Manila!

Other crews who wowed the audience include:

  • Collegio San Agustin Bacolod
  • Eastern Samar State University
  • University of the Visayas
  • University of San Jose

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Shell launches new generation of performance fuels in Cebu

Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels build on over 100 years of R&D

Shell launches its latest generation of premium performance fuels namely Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing and Shell V-Power Nitro + Diesel.  The new premium performance fuels, which will directly replace the Shell V-Power fuels and Shell Super Premium at no extra cost, is now available in all Shell stations in Cebu.

New Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are formulated to help improve engine performance and deliver more power and responsiveness compared to Shell Standard fuels. The fuels are designed to start acting instantly in your engine. “With these new gasoline and diesel fuels, we have built on the innovative and successful platform established by our best-selling Shell V-Power fuels and developed new formulations, designed to improve performance and to act instantly in your engine,” says Anthony Lawrence Yam, VP for Retail, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp (PSPC). “It’s exciting to be able to bring this new product to the Philippine market and I believe we have succeeded in making a good product even better! I would encourage drivers to try it and see for themselves what it can do.”

The next step in our performance fuel technology

The introduction of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels builds on more than a century of experience in fuels development by Shell. “We have around 120 passionate fuels scientists and specialists across the globe working on fuels innovation, development and implementation to meet the evolving needs of customers and their cars,” says Mae Ascan, Fuel Scientist from Shell Global Solutions. “At Shell, the development of fuel technology is an on-going process. Shell V-Power Nitro+ is the latest example of this; the next step in the Shell V-Power performance fuel technology story.”

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline replaces Shell Super Premium 

Over the years, car engines have evolved, as have our consumers’ needs. In response, Shell developed Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline to replace Shell Super Premium--at no extra cost.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline is our latest technology designed to improve performance and act instantly in your engine.  The product contains increased detergents designed to prevent and clean-up deposits that affect engine performance. We have also increased the friction modifier content designed to instantly reduce friction in critical engine areas, thereby helping the engine deliver more power,” said Pia Que-Ang, Shell V-Power Brand Manager.

Track to road technology transfer with Ferrari

An integral part of Shell’s commitment to innovation in fuels development is its technical partnership with Ferrari. Fuels Scientist Mae Ascan : “Our close-working relationship with Ferrari provides us with an environment to test new fuels in extreme conditions. This gives us a better understanding of what will deliver improved power and performance. For example, in the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline available at the pump, we use the same friction modifiers as in the race fuels we develop for Ferrari Formula One cars.”

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