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Live Blog: #PeaceHack in MNL Making PH a Much Safer Place!

[View the story "#PeaceHackPH changes the world" on Storify]

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Live Blog: #PeaceHack an Event Soon To Change Philippines Forever

Imagine a world where we don't have to cower in fear. Ever.

Our country alone has its fair share of violence and the worst part is each side thinks he's doing the "right" thing.

The rebels think they are fighting for a cause. The robbers think they are feeding their family. The terrorists instilling fear in the world to awaken society. It's a shady world we live in but I just got to hand out how villains are made. And a part of me was awakened when I have learned about a tech event that takes the world of peacekeeping into something scalable, accessible and most of all effective. The usage of technology and the internet in general has changed our lives dramatically and wind sweeping every economy, culture and movements. Learn how it can change yours.

#PeaceHackPH, an event that has sprouted in different parts of the globe that has enabled thinkers, designers and engineers to create apps and similar innovations that help nations in conflict have a chance at peace…

Be a Hero: Save Thresher Sharks with a Click of Button #phsayyes #worldsayyes

Did you know that Philippines is the only country that has established a thresher shark dive industry?

just why should you care? We might be very busy going through the motions of trying to comply with what a civilized society expects of us but little do we know that by signing an online petition could make a difference to this world.

We claim we love life, love our country and love nature with our endless posts on Instagram and Facebook. But up until our actions would prove so, nothing we say now would mean anything.

By signing this petition on, which should btw take no more than a few seconds of your time, you would be declaring support to the communities in Moalboal, Cebu who depend on this diving industry to sustain their livelihood. They are still picking up the pieces after Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has crushed every piece of their lives. While I was at home sheltered through that monstrous storm, they were the ones battling it tooth and eye.

And this is personal to me s…