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Paddling your Way to Awesome Filipino Values | RAFI Launches Children's Picturebook

After reading it and singing it personally to my nephew one afternoon, I was able to lengths that this book could do to thousands or possibly millions of children within the region and beyond. 

Filipino values has been quite a struggle to instill in my eight year old homebuddy's sensibilities. Well, with all the gadgets, games, cable TV, and toys, you have to compete with a lot of attention and this book is fun in all sort of ways. Great illustrations, great plot, humble characters and the inclusion of classic preschool song makes it book worth your family's while.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) launched Akong Bugsay on Feb. 19 at the Eduardo Aboitiz Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center.

"Just as the bugsay philosophy inspired individuals and groups in business and government, we believe that it can also be shared with children. Just like Andoy, young children have goals. They are excited and curious and want to do new things. Just like his fathe…

The Pains of Letting Go | 5 Best Stories That Will Change Your Life

Summers give me time to do catch-up reading and I just recently flipped through an old book of mine titled “Necessary Losses” by Judith Viorst which talks about the loves, illusions and impossible expectations that all of us have to give up in order to grow.

I have to quote some of the best anecdotes from the book that hopefully can change your life. While you're at it, get that box of Kleenex and brace yourself for some cryapalooza!

Note: the photos are just representation purposes only.

photo by EMS_EMT
1Was there ever a time in your life, someone broke a promise of coming back? This man was so broken he got stuck in the past and never played forward. Patrick, 3 years and 2 months, who was sent to England’s Hampstead Nursery during the World War II, assured himself and anybody who cared to listen with the greatest show of confidence that his mother would come for him, that she would put on his overcoat and would take him home with her again…“She will put on my overcoat and my leggin…