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How This Big Brand Gets You to Be #BetterTogether

With the recent launch of the #BetterTogether campaign, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola took a stand and asked people to stay offline a little longer to celebrate real-world connections.

Encouraging its customers to spend time with one another over a McDonald’s meal and a Coca-Cola drink, the two iconic brands introduced the BFF Bundles, meals best shared with friends, enabling them to experience moments of genuine connection anytime, anywhere.

In order to amplify and sustain the #BetterTogether campaign’s big idea of inspiring people to enrich their friendships by being physically together, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have developed a new mobile app that will make bonding time even more exciting—the BFF Timeout App.

A fun new way to bring friends closer together, the BFF Timeout App is a gaming app which challenges players to go on a “digital timeout” with friends—to celebrate real-world connections without digital interruptions, such as checking their mobile phones. Customers just have to dow…

Why Amazon Top Tech Honcho Speaks at KickstartPH Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Werner Vogels is set to speak before local tech startup companies to help them determine the best low cost and easy-to-use infrastructure necessary to scale and grow their businesses.

Vogels is the special guest at the Kickstart Ventures, Inc.’s Startup Mixer, a ​regular ​community event ​that stimulates interaction and collaboration ​​among startup founders, mentors, and investors, to be held at The Globe Tower in Bonifacio Global City on April 30.

Christian Besler, Vice-President and Head of Community Engagement, Kickstart Ventures, said We are excited about the visit of Dr. Werner Vogels who is Amazon’s number two guy.  It only shows Amazon’s strong belief in the Philippines as a growing market for cloud services. We are also extremely proud to have him as a speaker for the Startup Mixer. Startups in the Kickstart investment portfolio have been using Amazon Web Services since the early days, thus, it is a rare treat for all…

Awesome Cebu Startup: Citom partners with taxi-hailing app Micab

HAILING a taxi during the Christmas season has been a perennial problem in Metro Cebu.

To help the commuting public get easy access to a taxi ride this coming holiday season, the City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM) has decided partner with the mobile cab-hailing services of Micab.

The CITOM, to ensure the effective realization of its goal, will be handing out smartphones to taxicabs on Friday, supplementing the initial units that Micab has deployed for this pilot project.

Micab targets close to 1000 units deployed by end of the year in Cebu only. The project will expand fast to Davao, Iloilo, and Manila based on a franchise model to penetrate the market fast.

Micab aims 80-90 percent penetration of the taxi hailing service in the Philippines in the next couple of months.

The taxi-hailing smartphone app was launched in Cebu recently to assist the commuters in getting a cab hassle-free anytime and anywhere around the metropolitan area.

The Cebuano riding public will never have to wa…

Globe Kamustahan fires up Cebu with K Brosas, Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena

Loyal Globe patrons from Cebu City and its adjacent provinces recently displayed a show of force during the company's "Kamustahan," a series of customer caravans across the country as Globe’s way of updating them and showing its appreciation for their many years of patronage. 

Individual customers, high-end Platinum subscribers, retailers as well as representatives from the local media were treated to a night of fun, good food, fanfare and first-hand information from company officials led by Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu, who on behalf of the company acknowledged their patronage and support through the years.

The Kamustahan was an opportunity for Globe to inform subscribers about the status of its network transformation, and about the improved customer experience that is to be expected from the new network.

“Rather than undertaking a mere business-as-usual capacity upgrade that costs much less, we decided to give customers the best network possible in the market,” s…

How to recharge prepaid mobile balance from anywhere in the world

I have relatives on both sides of my family living abroad for various reasons reasons and it always has something to do with trying to give the very best for their families. Technology has enabled us to connect with our loved ones in ways we never knew a few decades back. It has enabled us to simply talk and laugh with them like they were never gone. In fact, last Christmas, the whole family gathered around the computer to skype with our cousins abroad and they did a little magic show to our little children's amazement. Things like this are priceless.

But Skype has limitations, they're gonna need to login to their computer to be able to contact you. They even need to load credits to call you, or when worse comes to worst: what if there is an emergency and you need to get contacted immediately. Computer and internet connection may not always be there but your phone is. Worry not, there is hope.

I had just learned about how to enrich your experience with loved ones abroad throug…

SonyEricsson launches new Android Xperia phones and a great Christmas promo!

Sony Ericsson advances its bid for dominance in Android with an stirring range of new models like the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ ray and Xperia™ active. Both phones sport the new amazing feature called 3D Sweep Panorama. Sony Ericsson executives flew all the way from Manila to launch the phones here in Cebu as they gathered Cebu bloggers to experience the phones first hand.

3D Sweep Panorama is a camera shooting mode where users can capture a scene in true 3D with a sweep of the camera.  When pictures are played back on a compatible 3D TV, the images come alive with depth, clarity and realism.

For 3D Sweep Panorama, users just pan the camera and up to 100 images are automatically taken from a number of different angles.  The camera’s processor then analyzes and combines these images to build the full 3D picture, which can be viewed as a fully three dimensional panoramic image on a compatible 3D TV.

Nokia introduces ‘Touch and Type’ design with new Nokia X3 and Nokia C3

The best of both worlds – touchscreen and keypad – all in one device

Nokia has publicized its newest mobile phones which boast of a distinctive mishmash of a touchscreen and conventional 12-button phone keypad. Nokia’s affordable “Touch and Type” phones let you to tap quickly on the touchscreen. It will also let you enjoy the familiarity of the full keypad for quickfire text messages and phone calls.

“Innovation is not just a high-end game. The Nokia X3-02 and Nokia C3-01 devices are both great examples of bringing new consumer value to lower price points,” said Benoit Nalin, General Manager of Nokia Philippines.

“With the Nokia X3-02 and Nokia C3-01 we are giving young consumers the best of both worlds by combining a touchscreen and a keypad in one device. We made the screen larger with clear icons and menus plus kept critical keys such as the send and end keys,” he said.

They designed Nokia X3-02 and Nokia C3-01 in such a way that makes it ideal for SMS and social networking where…

Taking pictures

If you must know, I don’t own any standalone digital camera but my 1.3 MP camera phone. That’s what happens when you really can’t convince your working sister to buy a decent cam for the family. And mind you, my phone is enough for outdoor or daylight shots. Picasa and Photoshop come very handy. I go to this place with friends or family or I kid around my nephew and instantly, I make a great photo album ready for Multiply. But the selected ones end up in Facebook. When something is shoot worthy, it gets immortalized in as easy as a button click. And that is one thing I love being here at home in Cebu, my nephew and our pets make the best subject besides myself. “Tantrums”
“Opposites Attract” 

Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 | Best IT Videos Yet | “A Glimpse Ahead”

Despite the grand scale of haterade against the company in the US, nobody can deny the fact that Microsoft has changed the world. They were always at the forefront of technological advancements and has tried to dominate every single part of it. From the internet, to Operating Systems, to Gaming up to Software, Microsoft is a brand to reckon with. That is why it comes as no surprise that a team from their company has already mapped on what could be the future of the way we live and work in the years ahead. They launched a website and some kick ass videos that show how their concepts and potential tools will be consumed by the regular people of all walks of life.To give you a “glimpse ahead,” watch this video: to watch more vids and learn more, visit their official Office Labs site:

The Best Thing You Could Do To Your Photos

…is to reinvent them into something new. Using Photoshop CS3 filters and Fireworks, you could turn your great mobile phone photos into the greatest things you could share to friends like these. If you ask me how to do them, I’m not gonna tell you here since there are a lot of resources and tutorials online made by people far greater than I. It’s funny to note that the things you can’t Google gets smaller exponentially. Note: Click to enlarge.Vintage Book PagesBefore: Comic StripBefore:Event PosterBefore: PaintingBefore: Book CoverBefore: Truck Vinyl Art DecalsBefore: Album ArtBefore: Sims 3 Fan ArtBefore:

Join Nokia’s Take Back Program in Cebu

If every Nokia user recycled just one unused phone at the end of its life, together we would save nearly 80,000 tonnes of raw materials.Recycling gives your phone a second lifeIs your unused phone cluttering up your desk drawer? If you no longer need your mobile device, you may consider giving it to one of your friends for use or then bring it back to us for recycling. Phones that can not be used anymore can be utilized otherwise - 100 percent of the materials in your phone can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy. [1]Participate and you might get something in return.   ;-]Nokia Care Center 3rd level, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park Cebu City
Phone: (32) 232-4803 |  (32) 232-4803
Fax: (32) 232-3492Nokia Store2nd level SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Phone: (32) 412-9832 |  (32) 412-9832
Fax: (032)238-4265photo by matthewsimpson