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10 Things That Every Filipino Should Do To Live a Great Life

As part of branding efforts to make NNC Region VII's initiatives relevant, fresh, professional and appealing to the general public, they availed of my expertise and received outputs that would somehow help champion the causes of this amazing agency.

To know more about the details about the project, read on:

How to do Kickass NNCRVII Rebranding and Awesome Social Media Strategy

While you're at it, I present you the 10 Online Nutritional Guideline Posters for NNCRVII:

Behind the scenes:

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How to do Kickass Rebranding and Awesome Social Media Strategy

Social Media Primer What is social media? Social Media is defined as a conversation powered by online platforms. Conversations between all people in the internet.

There is no regulation and no formal organization so an expert consultation is needed to aid entities who wish to utilize this form of media. Content that you share has to be emergent, fun, compelling but the key thing is to listen to your target audience.

The ability of your target audience to respond in real-time makes goals quantifiable as well as measurable qualitatively. It is a brand new way of understanding markets not just another messaging channel.

What are the things you can do with social media?
Post real-time updates and advisoriesComplement your traditional media campaigns by making the materials available onlineArchive and distribute important government documents meant for public distributionPromote events Raise awarenessCrowd source materials, ideas, feedback, suggestionRecruit volunteersRaise funds

What are …

Best Cebu Blogs 2012 Honors Great Online Websites

There is that time of the year where the best Cebu bloggers are being awarded for quality locally-generated content. Winning one a few years ago, it boosts your confidence as you try to make a blogging a great career for promoting anything awesome about Cebu and beyond. Now, I am honored to be part of the organizing committee for the second time in a row now. 
It's too bad I missed the event because I had to attend my company's Ops Department Party. But anyway, I salute my friends who brought home the prestigious Best Cebu Blog 2012 award.
Best Cebu Bloggers by Niche Winners ( They received Best Cebu Blogs Awards Trophy, Smartphone by Globe Telecommunication, Gift bag from Starbucks Philippines, Best Cebu Blogs Awards Token by PRWorks Vismin )
Maria Patricia Rosario Zosa of (Best Cebu Fashion Blogger), Robert Manceilta Jr. of (Best Cebu Tech Blogger),Mary Angeli Bas of   (Best Cebu Food Blogger), Gino Go of (…

Designing a Real Estate Homepage in Photoshop

I may not go into details as there are millions of Photoshop tutorials online but I'm going to impart some insights as we move along. First, designing for web means you have to master CSS first so that you could limit your vision to what could be doable for the browser especially for business websites like real estate. 

As what I tell people always, the principles of art must be applied on graphic designs so you can always use them (or even break them!) depending on your call of judgment. 

Studying colors, typography, light, shades, placement, how people scan a web page, what makes a striking image, optimizing photos, finding the best patterns, layering, optimizing screen real estate, interpreting design briefs smartly, Web 2.0 and etc. There are so many things you should know as to what must go on within a designer and a developer's mind.

Suppose I wanted to create a portfolio website for our family's fictitious property and I want it to look clean but at the same time ver…

Inspirational Poster from Great Songs

All of us go through something... the magnitude differs and so do the situations we battle ourselves in. Life is simple but no one said it's easy, a classic line that rings true every single day.For that, we all need each other and at times when we think we are on our own we draw inspiration from those that empower us somehow.For me, I sometimes get it from really good music and with lines and performances so powerful, I will make it my life's calling to create a series of artworks that give life to the inspiration brought about by today's inspirational tunes.

Always remember whatever it is that is devastating your day, it is not the end of the world, it's just another day... Spread the good vibes!

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CBSi@4: It's More Fun in CBSi

The country's premier blogging institution that has proven to promote government programs, businesses, events and causes in great ways will turn a year older this Feb. 14.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. will celebrating the organizations' founding anniversary with a simple and fun dinner this Feb. 11 sponsored by the Azkals Sports Bar and Grill.

For the event, I have been tasked to design an online poster that will visualize this year's festive theme: It's More Fun in CBSi which also encourages bloggers who may want to join the org to upscale their blogging experience and open opportunities and give honor to the worldwide tourism campaign of our country. I have incorporated the elements of Sinulog and Fiesta in the artwork which definitely encapsulates the Filipino brand of fun.

Happy 4th Anniversary guys! More power to all of us in the online publishing and social media industry!

In behalf of the members and the Board of Trustees of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. thank you…

RAFI is now accepting applications for YMA season 6

Following the launching of the sixth season of Young Minds Academy (YMA) last Jan. 21, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) is now accepting applications for the program.

YMA is a youth leadership and citizenship development program of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI aimed at developing young people to become responsible and accountable leaders and proactive citizens ready to serve the public and its interests. 

This is done through awareness raising, experiential education, immersion, and open discourse, among others. 
It is open to young people aged 12 to 20 years old.

Because of my very wonderful 10 months, I designed a poster showcasing how awesome it is to be a YMAer.

YMA was launched in October 2006 and already ran for five seasons, including a special summer edition held in 2009 for Region 8.

“Through this program, I have discovered what kind of leader I want to be. The change has started in me already. Now it’s my time to be a role model to other…

How to Create Kickass Awesome Tourism Site Web Design

When I went to Bohol for the second time last year, I fell in love with the resort we stayed in. I was there for a learning visit on some of their great government programs and went to see the mayors and the governor himself. Our resort was in Panglao and I woke up early morning to enjoy the seashores and took some really great photos which got me thinking of designing a tourism site for the place. So as usual on a bored day, I pulled up Photoshop on my computer and drafted what I think is my best work so far. Colors, photos, and user experience design rules were considered as I got going designing a Jaysee Blabs Panglao site. Check it out!

The rotating banner with the cool buttons on the side showcasing the best features of the place.

The phone number creatively placed on a post it together with snapshots of the photos I took.
And yes, that's me on the Book Accomodations call to action. LOL

The footer with with my feet on it.

The header feeds on the thought of using complementary…

Awesome Web Design for Pirate Site AGGRRHH!!!

Last Christmas, I was able to attend a themed party and I got so inspired with my look that I decided to draw inspiration from it for my next web design project. I ran Photoshop and decided to get my creative juices flowing with logical web design rules running in my mind at the same time and created a homepage design for the i55 Christmas Party. And that's me on the banner. LOL

It's all in the details. Must be effective and consistent.

The main call to action.

The banner exudes old world elements and my photo.

The header with the main navigation, search box and a shopping cart.

The logo.

That's about it! Follow your passion, have an inspiration and just be awesome at all the things you do and you can just be surprised at what you can do. Trust me, I did.

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Something big is coming! | Welcome to another year of awesome

I really do hope that you started your year right. The kind where you have swept out skeletons in your closet, put on a brand new attitude, envisioned, and set your goals that bring forth happiness. Something about new years that changes the way people look at life. Maybe because of the hope that it gives or a reminder to that you can make bigger things right this time. 

Because we all know that no matter how life is designed to be simple, it is very hard to live.

Either way, we, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., are doing our best to continuously improve ourselves, the things we do and how we do it.

This year we are proving ourselves to be bigger, bolder and definitely better in so many ways as we map out our agenda for the whole year. We are streamlining our internal processes and planning about big events that everyone can be part of. As we try to go beyond blogging, I do hope you paddle forward with us. Rough seas ahead are gonna rock us big time but with the right tools, methodologi…

Official Jaysee Social Networking Sites | Jaysee Blabs Rebranding Launched!

I have been putting on hold this blog's branding launch for quite some time now because of a lot of engagements. 

I wanted to be an identity and with so much avenues for expression, I admit I may have been quite inconsistent. 

I wanted Jaysee Blabs not just as a blog title but a reputable source of quality content; a mission I have not concocted not until I reached this far. 

The ironic thing is I am able to pull branding strategies and collaterals on other causes such as the Project Liwanag and iluvfarmers Campaign. and events like the Visayas Blogging Summit and 3rd CBSi Anniversary and other businesses via freelance and office clients... but certainly not on mine. Life, let's just say, has not been that kind enough to give me much time for the things I love.

You can read about the weird Jaysee Blabs story at, the mother site of the organization I am actively part of the Cebu Bloggers Society which has also garnered the respect of other institutions for its pro…